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  • Receive emails & attachmentsDIRECTLY TO YOUR PRINTERS
  • emails & attachments saved on disk automatically with options like converting in PDF, EML, Msg
  • Reply automaticallydelete on server, execute process, ...
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.NET components for WinForm's developers, let starts to improve your applications with these components:
- My Command Button .NET »
- My Frame Panel .NET »
- My Screen Capture .NET »
Let starts to improve your applications with these visual components:
- My Command Button »
- My Frame Panel »
- My Screen Capture »
- My WinPopup ActiveX »

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Oct. 6th: Version 7 Beta of Automatic Email Manager si ready, if you want to text it just contact us to receive your download link.

Sept. 28th: Automatic Email Manager 7 test version is available, contact us to try it.

August. 2nd: Version 6.34 available for Automatic Email Manager, minor improvements >>.

May. 29th: Important fix in old version 5 to avoid automatic Office macro execution in some cases, please update to version 5.19 for all old customers, contact us to get the download link.

June 10th: A new tutorial to show how to save email body and attachment in a single PDF file automatically >>

April. 11th: See how to receive your emails and attachments automatically to your Evernote with this tutorial here >>

NOTE: All our ActiveX and .NET components are no more supported, you can purchase it without any support.

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We have WinPopUp, Frame Panel, and Command Button, and have been using them for quite some time now. It was time that our software received a facelift, but we were quite hesitant because of the size of the software and no one looked forward to the job of screen conversion. However, we found that Namtuk's products were incredibly easy and effortless to incorporate into our software to give it a look and feel of uptodate professionalism! It is not only important for a product to be CAPABLE of a given task, but it is perhaps even MORE important that the product is relatively easy to use, and that it does not cause problems within the software in which it is incorporated. Namtuk's products fit all of these criteria with the utmost of excellence.
Frank D. Jimenez, Siskiyou Products, USA (ActiveX My Command Button)
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