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This software is very useful and saves a lot of time for us! We are using Automatic Email Manager to print invoices that we recieve to an office365 shared email account.
Smarthem - Sweden
Very fast and succcesful support.
Sabine Gossmann - Germany
Does exactly what it says it does and then some. I was surprised at what the product can do to emails and attachments. Prints exactly the number of copies needed per application and prints the attachments in the correct printer orientation. This product saved me from having to train employees, not familiar with computers, and it get the employees the emails they need. Works great in our situation where we gave up a dedicated fax line and have all faxes converted to email. Junk faxes are never printed and the faxes we need are printed and printed in the quantity needed. Easy and intuitive to use.
Randy - USA
Great product that works outstanding.
Boise State University
You guys are great, and thank you for all your quick replies, and helpful answers. I deal with a lot of different companies, some large, some very small, and you guys are one of the best.
Gino A., Loyola university chicago
The email manager has saved us hours of administration. Now orders arrive as attachments, are automatically archived in a folder, the attachments are printed in accounts and on the shop floor with a customised notification sent to QA so they can monitor the process. Meantime the staff can forward emails with multiple attachments to a new mailbox we created to have all the attachments printed and saved in one easy step. Finally I must say thanks for the fast support. When I wanted to make best use of all the options my inquiry was responded to within the hour. First class.
Alex - The IT guy at a UK based fashion distributor.
I had some issues getting the program to activate, and was dismayed when I saw that there was no phone number for support, but the email based support ended up being very quick and reliable. They took care of my issue really quickly, helped me transfer the activation key I had purchased (as my company had bought the wrong one) to the proper version, and all with no hassle. The program does exactly what it claims to do, and it does so reliably and efficiently. If the program meets any of your needs, give it a shot.
Very nice technical support in deed. also using software for a long time.
Kamal, princess of india, UK
Great product - Does exactly what is says. No more complaints from users in our environment!!
Stuart Weitzman/USA - Florida
Really like the fast answer when asking a question, that's really incredible...
Steve A. - Austin - USA
Thanks again for the quick and friendly help. This is how tech support is supposed to be :-)
Steps Hotel. Germany
We got fast support from Namtuk, it is very pleasant to work with such company.
Alfredo P. Italia
Automatic Email Manager has been providing us with creative routing and printing flexibility that no other product can match. We have been using this since Version 3, 2008. Version 5 has some great new features, including a new scheduling feature that allows us new options previously not available. Support is always highly responsive. A great value for a serious email management tool.
IT Manager - Bluewater Vacation Rentals - North Carolina - USA
After upgrading to the newer vesrion my accounts didn't show up. When contacting support they replied within the hour and solved the problem in five minutes. Great help.Great programm also.
Charles -Netherlands
Installed the update from the previous version. Accounts were not transferred to the new version. A live support contacted me within the hour after I send an email and live support needed only five minutes to tackle the problem. Great help.
Charles - Netherlands
My application looks more professional immediately.
Regis F. - France
Award Winning indeed! Automatic Print eMail was a perfect solution for my needs. Excellent product providing great functionality for monitoring a mailbox and then acting on new messages accordingly. Thank you for making it a very affordable solution! It was a no-brainer to make the purchase!
Bryan Keadle - USA
Fast button and very stable, no question just use it, great.
Fred T. - France
Good day, i want to Express my gratitude to you for an excellent program, it helps in the work, sincerely, Elena.
Elena - Russia
Implemented in 5 minutes in our program, when an error occurs the component takes a screenshot and send it to our technical team. Great times saved.
Steve Caulne. - UK
We use both My Command Button and My Frame in all our projects. They add eye candy and functionality that's just not available in generically written apps. We've never had a crash attributable to either of the controls and highly recommend them to any developer looking to jazz up their apps.
Rapid Software, Brisbane, Australia
un problème réglé en moins d'une demie journée, bravo et merci de la rapidité et de la réactivité. le produit est très simple d'utilisation après quelques minutes d'apprentissage. c'est rapide et efficace merci
It easy to use as you plugged wire on electricity board.
Rishi Acharya - India
Easy visual component to use to improve our user interface, we love it.
Greg B. - Belgium
Perfect control to be implemented in our softwares suite, with My Frame Panel .NET we have improved the user interface easily. Thank you.
Rob Turner - Florida
Purchased source code, that's a great option for big project.
Mark W. - Australia
Hi there, just posted a review of the product here: In Portuguese BR... Thanks!
Eletro 9 - Brazil
In a day and age where you have dificulties getting support for applications. Namtuk is the exception!!! They are quick to provide support for issues or any bugs that may have surfaced. THANK YOU!!!
Diamond Pharmacy Services
Merci et Bravo pour la réactivité à toute votre équipe. Très cordialement.
Dr. C. Molé - France
Ce logiciel de capture d'écran m'avait été conseillé par un groupe de discussion et entraide en généalogie..Quel avantage précieux d'avoir juste l'acte d'état-civil recherché en ligne, dans une très bonne définition! Cet outil est indispensable à mon avis, et je l'utilise depuis quelques années.
BALUT Eliane France
I purchased the frame and buttons controls which I think are excellent and support is one of the fastest I have ever known in many years in I.T.
Derek Newark - UK
I got the ActiveX My Command Button on Monday and on Tuesday I had a question about the use of the product. I was amazed that the support team almost replied me instantly and promplty!! Thanks...
Aris Kartalos - SmartWare S.A.- Greece
I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for your product, Automatic Print Email. We receive a large volume of incoming emails, and I was spending almost 20% of my day just printing them manually and handing them out to our employees! Even then, some were getting lost or never printed because someone had read and unflagged them in the email client. Now I don't have to worry about customer emails getting misplaced or forgotten in the system, and I can spend my time actually doing my job. Your product did exacly what we needed right "out of the box" and tech support has been fast and easy. Thank You!
Chris S. - Fastsigns - USA
Found an issue, reported it at 8:00AM, had fixed download by 10:00AM. What more is there to say!
Christopher Harris - HenrySchein - USA
Thank you so much for your speedy response and resolution very happy with the support here.
James B - United Kingdom
Thank you so much for you excellent support even though I did not own the software you were there the whole time and fixed all the issues. I have never had such fantastic support from a software company before. I will be recommending your product to all my colleges and business associates. Thanks again for all you support.
Patrick D./The AutoX, LLC - USA
We use Auto Print Email to provide our web application users the ability to print directly from the web. This avoids the requirement to maintain multiple printer drivers on multiple OSs. Simple single click printing from the web. We initially had a few problems at our end but with the assistance of the people at Namtuk, our issue was quickly resolved. Superb customer service.
Wedding Rings Direct
We have WinPopUp, Frame Panel, and Command Button, and have been using them for quite some time now. It was time that our software received a facelift, but we were quite hesitant because of the size of the software and no one looked forward to the job of screen conversion. However, we found that Namtuk's products were incredibly easy and effortless to incorporate into our software to give it a look and feel of uptodate professionalism! It is not only important for a product to be CAPABLE of a given task, but it is perhaps even MORE important that the product is relatively easy to use, and that it does not cause problems within the software in which it is incorporated. Namtuk's products fit all of these criteria with the utmost of excellence.
Frank D. Jimenez, Siskiyou Products, USA
We are a multinational distribution service for a company across the other side of our country. A proposal was forwarded to us to store and distribute their stock, the problem was that all the invoicing and shipping/ customs documentation was generated interstate and we couldn't wait for express airbags to arrive as prompt delivery on generation of orders gets return trade. Setting up a remote networked printer here to print out invoices and documents generated interstate was not an answer as there was no accountability/ confirmation that all printing had completed and successfully at that. As we received over 100 invoice documents in .pdf form a day, the number of mouse clicks to get a final print were 8, and scrolling slowly one by one down through an email list, you could actually end up missing one or two, which then gave you disappointed customers missing deliveries. I discovered Autoprint email from Namtuk shortly after getting this contract and searching the web for something to automate the printing of our invoices and other documentation, without adding exorbitant costs of software development to our business. Through some continual correspondence with Jean Claude throughout development of Version 3 of Autoprint email we arrived at the needed solution to our business, now we can determine the invoices arriving and discard the header page saving paper and ink, print other particular filtered documentation and have a confirmation log and cross check system that we are then able to send back to head office to confirm reciept of documents and print completion. Overall it has reduced about 60 man hours a week of receiving and printing each document down to 5 minutes at the end of day to check the log and send it back to head office. Well Done Jean Claude ++++++++++++
Footworks Australasia - aka loco
works just like described! I have just been demo-ing the software and I noticed a small bug, reported it, and it was fixed the next day... and im not even a customer... yet... great job you guys!
pj - USA
I really enjoy the product. When I needed help with installing the registered version the email support was very prompt and helped me solve my problem right away. My email inquiries were answered within minutes! I was very impressed.
Jeff Gronemeyer - USA
I must say that the online Tech Support is great! Prompt service and its easy to know when they get back to you. You get an E-Mail to alert you, as well as I just refresh my browser and there it is. Also, I love the fact you can see the whole history of your request on the same page. Thanks Namtuk!
Garrett Malone - SMI - USA
The product works great. I use it running on a server to print out notes in a kitchen printer. I get access to send orders to the employees while on the go, from my Blackberry. Tech support was great helping me make it work on this non-standard, "weird" printer. The only drawback is their selling partner, Share-It, which can be hard to deal with.
Aspen Grove - Brazil
I purchased 3 of the products here, My Command Button, My Frame Panel and My Screen Capture, and My God ( My God is not a product, but an expression of great joy. ), that was the best thing ever for our software. Our customers immediately replied on the look and ease on the eyes of the new interfaces which only took an hour or so to redo. The VB6 controls were almost seamless to integrate. Excellent Work! Excellent Products!
Rudy E. Hinojosa / Vice President / Library Resource Management Systems, Inc. USA
I contacted Namtuk with an issue I was having with Autoprint email. The response time was excellent. They quickly addressed the issue and sent me a patch. I have rarely experienced such excellent technical support. The staff at Namtuk was the most responsive company I have ever dealt with. Kudos to the Namtuk staff!!!! Well Done!!!!!
Ray German Company: Mosaic Cheverly, MD
Exactly what we need, simple to use and efficient. We deploy it to all our restaurants.
Mark S. - France
Active X very well concepted, i give a perfect note !
Robert Fournier - France
This is great command button for all my application and projects, very easy to use and understand.
Edis Smajic, MCP - Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This great control adds much needed polish to the VB6 interface and is simple to use. It is very affordable, allowing me to purchase (out of pocket) for a freeware app that I distribute. Best of all is the technical support. Any problems or requests for help are answered immediately and dealt with promptly. This company takes pride in it's products and it shows.
Dan Balman
This product allowed me to standardise the appearance of my application across multiple platform and gave me functionalities that reduce my development time significantly. Fantastic value for money too!
Image HQ
Thanks a lot for your fast and efficient support. For developer it is good to know he wouldn't be left alone after product purchase. I had several component purchases over internet, but never experienced better support response.
Zoran Grujic - PianoSoft-europe - USA
So easy to use, i love it.
Roger D. - France
I am very contented with the product, I give to thanks the management of the executives, are very efficient. I am going to recommend its product to Companies developer of software in Chile. Since it has very interesting products for the development of systems. Thank you very much.
Fernando Valdés Herrera - Santiago - Chile.
Thanks...this is working great for us!
Chris - Canada
Best support and fast result!!!!
Sérgio Muricy - Brasil
I would like to say that it is very rare that you get a tool that does exactly what you want, the Winpopup Activex control is just this, very easy to use and excellent tech support when needed. Thanks for a brilliant product that has saved us days of API programming!
Mike - MjM Data Recovery Ltd - UK
I have to mention a very good support to your custummers I appreciate the follow up. Thanks again.
Dr Allyson - Canada
We love it, it does what it need to do.
M. Doloway - Melbourne
Exactly what we were looking for.
Franz - Germany
Great work.
MB - Canada
Thank you very much for all your help on my project and your prompt answer.
Jacky - France
We use it on 150 computers and everybody love it. We would like to thank the support team which is great.
Alban - USA
Very simple and useful product, the technical support is really excellent.
M. Cozyk - France
Work perfectly, we have purchased source code and it is very well commented.
Max. - QUED
Many thanks your support is correct and exceptionaly fast - thank you.
Martin W. - UK
Thank you ! This is exactly what I needed. Our company will be purchasing the product today...
Thanks for your quick reply and help!
Mike - Germany
Congratulations on the fantastic work on your Button. We've tried hundreds of similar products over the past couple of weeks, and we are totally impressed by your product. It is blazingly fast, and you provide the source code. My team couldn't have asked for a better product.
Gary Squire - SOUTH AFRICA
Great control, very easy to use and understand. I've used it for several different application.
Bernard D. - France
Thanks! This component is great and is serving needs well.
Per G. - Thailand