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My Command Button ActiveX

This product is DISCONTINUED
My Command Button Activex

Add appealing visual styles to your program in all Windows versions with this very powerful button. All default styles (Vista, Windows XP, Office 2007/2003, Visual Studio 2005, 3D standard, Flat, Explorer, Shaped, Gradient) and themes are supported (blue, olive, silver, royal, black).
My Command Button enables you to customize the appearance of your applications to suit your individual needs, try it...
NOTE: Source code is available for purchase.


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ALL IDEs supporting ActiveX

as Visual Studio, Netcobol, Realbasic, etc. Test it today with your IDE...


Use of the ActiveX control is royalty-free.

Display buttons in 10 predefined styles

Display buttons in 10 predefined styles (Vista Sunset, Vista Sunrise, Office 2007 / 2003, Gradient, XP, Explorer, Shaped, 3D, Flat)

6 defaults themes available

Theme options for all Windows versions: automatic, blue, olive, silver, royal, black. Full color customization (background, border and text color for each event).

Default and well known styles

Image state

Define an image for each event

Define an image for each event (click, action on mouse over, focus, normal) or have the tool render special effects such as darken, lighten, gray (colorless).

Include Text effects

Smooth text fade, shading, engraving and embossing, let's improve the visual interface for user experience.

Use button as you need

Choose between Toggle or Dropdown mode.

drop down


And much more possibilities

Support text in Unicode on Windows NT4, 2000, XP and higher.
Customized ToolTip: Balloon, Rectangular and classic.
Use this button with your favorite programing language like VB6, .net, VC++ and all others supporting ActiveX.

Customers are speaking...


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