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My Command Button ActiveX

This product is DISCONTINUED
My Command Button Activex

Add appealing visual styles to your program in all Windows versions with this very powerful button. All default styles (Vista, Windows XP, Office 2007/2003, Visual Studio 2005, 3D standard, Flat, Explorer, Shaped, Gradient) and themes are supported (blue, olive, silver, royal, black).
My Command Button enables you to customize the appearance of your applications to suit your individual needs, try it...
NOTE: Source code is available for purchase.


See release history here »

ALL IDEs supporting ActiveX

as Visual Studio, Netcobol, Realbasic, etc. Test it today with your IDE...


Use of the ActiveX control is royalty-free.

Display buttons in 10 predefined styles

Display buttons in 10 predefined styles (Vista Sunset, Vista Sunrise, Office 2007 / 2003, Gradient, XP, Explorer, Shaped, 3D, Flat)

6 defaults themes available

Theme options for all Windows versions: automatic, blue, olive, silver, royal, black. Full color customization (background, border and text color for each event).

Default and well known styles

Image state

Define an image for each event

Define an image for each event (click, action on mouse over, focus, normal) or have the tool render special effects such as darken, lighten, gray (colorless).

Include Text effects

Smooth text fade, shading, engraving and embossing, let's improve the visual interface for user experience.

Use button as you need

Choose between Toggle or Dropdown mode.

drop down


And much more possibilities

Support text in Unicode on Windows NT4, 2000, XP and higher.
Customized ToolTip: Balloon, Rectangular and classic.
Use this button with your favorite programing language like VB6, .net, VC++ and all others supporting ActiveX.

Customers are speaking...

We use both My Command Button and My Frame in all our projects. They add eye candy and functionality that's just not available in generically written apps. We've never had a crash attributable to either of the controls and highly recommend them to any developer looking to jazz up their apps.
Rapid Software, Brisbane, Australia
It easy to use as you plugged wire on electricity board.
Rishi Acharya - India
I got the ActiveX My Command Button on Monday and on Tuesday I had a question about the use of the product. I was amazed that the support team almost replied me instantly and promplty!! Thanks...
Aris Kartalos - SmartWare S.A.- Greece
We have WinPopUp, Frame Panel, and Command Button, and have been using them for quite some time now. It was time that our software received a facelift, but we were quite hesitant because of the size of the software and no one looked forward to the job of screen conversion. However, we found that Namtuk's products were incredibly easy and effortless to incorporate into our software to give it a look and feel of uptodate professionalism! It is not only important for a product to be CAPABLE of a given task, but it is perhaps even MORE important that the product is relatively easy to use, and that it does not cause problems within the software in which it is incorporated. Namtuk's products fit all of these criteria with the utmost of excellence.
Frank D. Jimenez, Siskiyou Products, USA
I purchased 3 of the products here, My Command Button, My Frame Panel and My Screen Capture, and My God ( My God is not a product, but an expression of great joy. ), that was the best thing ever for our software. Our customers immediately replied on the look and ease on the eyes of the new interfaces which only took an hour or so to redo. The VB6 controls were almost seamless to integrate. Excellent Work! Excellent Products!
Rudy E. Hinojosa / Vice President / Library Resource Management Systems, Inc. USA
Active X very well concepted, i give a perfect note !
Robert Fournier - France
This is great command button for all my application and projects, very easy to use and understand.
Edis Smajic, MCP - Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This great control adds much needed polish to the VB6 interface and is simple to use. It is very affordable, allowing me to purchase (out of pocket) for a freeware app that I distribute. Best of all is the technical support. Any problems or requests for help are answered immediately and dealt with promptly. This company takes pride in it's products and it shows.
Dan Balman
This product allowed me to standardise the appearance of my application across multiple platform and gave me functionalities that reduce my development time significantly. Fantastic value for money too!
Image HQ
Thanks a lot for your fast and efficient support. For developer it is good to know he wouldn't be left alone after product purchase. I had several component purchases over internet, but never experienced better support response.
Zoran Grujic - PianoSoft-europe - USA
I am very contented with the product, I give to thanks the management of the executives, are very efficient. I am going to recommend its product to Companies developer of software in Chile. Since it has very interesting products for the development of systems. Thank you very much.
Fernando Valdés Herrera - Santiago - Chile.
Thank you very much for all your help on my project and your prompt answer.
Jacky - France
Many thanks your support is correct and exceptionaly fast - thank you.
Martin W. - UK
Thanks for your quick reply and help!
Mike - Germany
Congratulations on the fantastic work on your Button. We've tried hundreds of similar products over the past couple of weeks, and we are totally impressed by your product. It is blazingly fast, and you provide the source code. My team couldn't have asked for a better product.
Gary Squire - SOUTH AFRICA
Great control, very easy to use and understand. I've used it for several different application.
Bernard D. - France
Thanks! This component is great and is serving needs well.
Per G. - Thailand


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