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My Screen Capture

This product is DISCONTINUED
ActiveX for VB6

This control lets you capture screen in 5 ways (Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region and specific window) and gets instant results in memory. Some options are available to save the screen on disk and/or send it to clipboard. Easy to use, one of the functions is that you can add new support features to your application by adding screen shot capture for user report when a problem appear.
Note: The source code is available for purchase.


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ALL IDEs supporting ActiveX

as Visual Studio, Netcobol, Realbasic, etc. Test it today with your IDE... ACCESS is not supported.


This control is royalty-free.

5 functions to capture screen

Capture screen in 5 differents ways: Full screen, Active Window, predefined zone, manually and specific window.

Instant result

- Get instant results in memory for immediate results with your application.
- Option to send it to clipboard.
- Option to save it to disk automatically.
- Support multiple monitors.
- Easy to use and implement in your application, the source code is also available for purchase.

control to capture screen

Customers are speaking...

Found an issue, reported it at 8:00AM, had fixed download by 10:00AM. What more is there to say!
Christopher Harris - HenrySchein - USA
Exactly what we were looking for.
Franz - Germany
Work perfectly, we have purchased source code and it is very well commented.
Max. - QUED


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