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My Screen Capture
for vb.NET or CSharp

This product is DISCONTINUED
Sample how to capture screen in .NET

This .NET component let you easily capture screen from your application in 6 ways (Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region, specific window, full web page) and getting instant result in memory. Some options are available to save the screenshot result on memory, disk, FTP, clipboard, and in different formats. Also you can capture the cursor in the latest version 1.5.
Easy to use, one of the good scenario is that you can add new support feature to your application by adding screen shot capture for user report when a problem appears.
Note: The source code is available for purchase.


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.NET Framework V2, V3, V3.5, V4 & upper.


Use of the .NET component is royalty-free.

6 functions to capture screen

Capture screen in 6 differents ways: Full screen, Active Window, predefined region, user selection (manual), specific window with handle and full web page with url.

Screen shot functions

FTP support

FTP function to upload capture

You can also save the capture to an FTP with the ftp address, username and password.

Instant result

The result is returned in memory as an image which can be directly used in a picturebox, can also be in byte array to save in database, in clipboard, and saved on disk.

And also...

- Support multiple monitors.
- Implement in your application in less than 1 minute, the source code is also available for purchase at small price.

Detect monitor

Customers are speaking...

We got fast support from Namtuk, it is very pleasant to work with such company.
Alfredo P. Italia
Implemented in 5 minutes in our program, when an error occurs the component takes a screenshot and send it to our technical team. Great times saved.
Steve Caulne. - UK
Purchased source code, that's a great option for big project.
Mark W. - Australia


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