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Automatic Email Manager

Receive emails & attachments automatically on your printer, on disk, or converted in PDF...

Automatic Email Manager screen

Productivity: is an average measure of the efficiency of production. Productivity is a ratio of production output to what is required to produce it (inputs of capital, labor, land, energy, materials, etc.). With Automatic Email Manager you gain in productivity, that's a fact.
You can set actions to receive emails or Web site screen capture or RSS flux directly to printer, saved on disk, converted, send reply or forward email,... Very easy to use it runs as a Windows service.


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Print email/attachments automatically - Save in single PDF - Save on disk - Forward email - ...

Connect to any email box

It can connect to any POP3, IMAP4 , Exchange 2007/2010/2013, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Lotus,...

Connect to any email box

Print emails and attachments

Print email body and/or attachments

You can define the printing on specific printer according to the type of email, for example print the order emails on the printer of your secretary, those intended for the technical support on their printer...

Save on disk

You can save email on disk in differents format like EML, MSG, PDF,...
Attachments are saved and can be merged with email body in a single PDF (when possible).

Backup your emails and attachments

Send automatic email reply

Automatic Reply or Forward

Send a reply, forward the email, it can be used for example for an order confirmation.

Define actions with rules

Filters are available to be more precise when specific emails arrive, for example you can delete automatically all emails which doesn't contains the keyword 'Order'.

Filters are very easy to use

A lot of functions are availables

Many scenarios for using Automatic Email Manager

- Do you own an ecommerce web site? receive the order or invoice directly to your printer ready for shipping...
- Do you need to archive your emails and or attachment like in administration? Set it to save email and attachment in a specific folder with coded filename...
- Dispatch to the right service the web request? Use filter to send email to the right recipient...

There is a lot of situations to use it, with over 5,000 daily customers it can't be wrong!

Customers are speaking...

The email manager has saved us hours of administration. Now orders arrive as attachments, are automatically archived in a folder, the attachments are printed in accounts and on the shop floor with a customised notification sent to QA so they can monitor the process. Meantime the staff can forward emails with multiple attachments to a new mailbox we created to have all the attachments printed and saved in one easy step. Finally I must say thanks for the fast support. When I wanted to make best use of all the options my inquiry was responded to within the hour. First class.
Alex - The IT guy at a UK based fashion distributor.
I had some issues getting the program to activate, and was dismayed when I saw that there was no phone number for support, but the email based support ended up being very quick and reliable. They took care of my issue really quickly, helped me transfer the activation key I had purchased (as my company had bought the wrong one) to the proper version, and all with no hassle. The program does exactly what it claims to do, and it does so reliably and efficiently. If the program meets any of your needs, give it a shot.
Award Winning indeed! Automatic Print eMail was a perfect solution for my needs. Excellent product providing great functionality for monitoring a mailbox and then acting on new messages accordingly. Thank you for making it a very affordable solution! It was a no-brainer to make the purchase!
Bryan Keadle - USA
Good day, i want to Express my gratitude to you for an excellent program, it helps in the work, sincerely, Elena.
Elena - Russia
Hi there, just posted a review of the product here: In Portuguese BR... Thanks!
Eletro 9 - Brazil
In a day and age where you have dificulties getting support for applications. Namtuk is the exception!!! They are quick to provide support for issues or any bugs that may have surfaced. THANK YOU!!!
Diamond Pharmacy Services
I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for your product, Automatic Print Email. We receive a large volume of incoming emails, and I was spending almost 20% of my day just printing them manually and handing them out to our employees! Even then, some were getting lost or never printed because someone had read and unflagged them in the email client. Now I don't have to worry about customer emails getting misplaced or forgotten in the system, and I can spend my time actually doing my job. Your product did exacly what we needed right "out of the box" and tech support has been fast and easy. Thank You!
Chris S. - Fastsigns - USA
Thank you so much for your speedy response and resolution very happy with the support here.
James B - United Kingdom
Thank you so much for you excellent support even though I did not own the software you were there the whole time and fixed all the issues. I have never had such fantastic support from a software company before. I will be recommending your product to all my colleges and business associates. Thanks again for all you support.
Patrick D./The AutoX, LLC - USA
We use Auto Print Email to provide our web application users the ability to print directly from the web. This avoids the requirement to maintain multiple printer drivers on multiple OSs. Simple single click printing from the web. We initially had a few problems at our end but with the assistance of the people at Namtuk, our issue was quickly resolved. Superb customer service.
Wedding Rings Direct
We are a multinational distribution service for a company across the other side of our country. A proposal was forwarded to us to store and distribute their stock, the problem was that all the invoicing and shipping/ customs documentation was generated interstate and we couldn't wait for express airbags to arrive as prompt delivery on generation of orders gets return trade. Setting up a remote networked printer here to print out invoices and documents generated interstate was not an answer as there was no accountability/ confirmation that all printing had completed and successfully at that. As we received over 100 invoice documents in .pdf form a day, the number of mouse clicks to get a final print were 8, and scrolling slowly one by one down through an email list, you could actually end up missing one or two, which then gave you disappointed customers missing deliveries. I discovered Autoprint email from Namtuk shortly after getting this contract and searching the web for something to automate the printing of our invoices and other documentation, without adding exorbitant costs of software development to our business. Through some continual correspondence with Jean Claude throughout development of Version 3 of Autoprint email we arrived at the needed solution to our business, now we can determine the invoices arriving and discard the header page saving paper and ink, print other particular filtered documentation and have a confirmation log and cross check system that we are then able to send back to head office to confirm reciept of documents and print completion. Overall it has reduced about 60 man hours a week of receiving and printing each document down to 5 minutes at the end of day to check the log and send it back to head office. Well Done Jean Claude ++++++++++++
Footworks Australasia - aka loco
works just like described! I have just been demo-ing the software and I noticed a small bug, reported it, and it was fixed the next day... and im not even a customer... yet... great job you guys!
pj - USA
I must say that the online Tech Support is great! Prompt service and its easy to know when they get back to you. You get an E-Mail to alert you, as well as I just refresh my browser and there it is. Also, I love the fact you can see the whole history of your request on the same page. Thanks Namtuk!
Garrett Malone - SMI - USA
The product works great. I use it running on a server to print out notes in a kitchen printer. I get access to send orders to the employees while on the go, from my Blackberry. Tech support was great helping me make it work on this non-standard, "weird" printer. The only drawback is their selling partner, Share-It, which can be hard to deal with.
Aspen Grove - Brazil
I contacted Namtuk with an issue I was having with Autoprint email. The response time was excellent. They quickly addressed the issue and sent me a patch. I have rarely experienced such excellent technical support. The staff at Namtuk was the most responsive company I have ever dealt with. Kudos to the Namtuk staff!!!! Well Done!!!!!
Ray German Company: Mosaic Cheverly, MD
Exactly what we need, simple to use and efficient. We deploy it to all our restaurants.
Mark S. - France


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