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Automatic Email Manager

Receive emails & attachments automatically on your printer, on disk, or converted in PDF...

Automatic Email Manager screen

Productivity: is an average measure of the efficiency of production. Productivity is a ratio of production output to what is required to produce it (inputs of capital, labor, land, energy, materials, etc.). With Automatic Email Manager you gain in productivity, that's a fact.
You can set actions to receive emails or Web site screen capture or RSS flux directly to printer, saved on disk, converted, send reply or forward email,... Very easy to use it runs as a Windows service.


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Print email/attachments automatically - Save in single PDF - Save on disk - Forward email - ...

Connect to any email box

It can connect to any POP3, IMAP4 , Exchange 2007/2010/2013, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Lotus,...

Connect to any email box

Print emails and attachments

Print email body and/or attachments

You can define the printing on specific printer according to the type of email, for example print the order emails on the printer of your secretary, those intended for the technical support on their printer...

Save on disk

You can save email on disk in differents format like EML, MSG, PDF,...
Attachments are saved and can be merged with email body in a single PDF (when possible).

Backup your emails and attachments

Send automatic email reply

Automatic Reply or Forward

Send a reply, forward the email, it can be used for example for an order confirmation.

Define actions with rules

Filters are available to be more precise when specific emails arrive, for example you can delete automatically all emails which doesn't contains the keyword 'Order'.

Filters are very easy to use

A lot of functions are availables

Many scenarios for using Automatic Email Manager

- Do you own an ecommerce web site? receive the order or invoice directly to your printer ready for shipping...
- Do you need to archive your emails and or attachment like in administration? Set it to save email and attachment in a specific folder with coded filename...
- Dispatch to the right service the web request? Use filter to send email to the right recipient...

There is a lot of situations to use it, with over 5,000 daily customers it can't be wrong!

Customers are speaking...


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