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This page tells you whether you have the latest version for your software.

.NET My Command Button - Version

Current version is: 2.00

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 2.00 - New release
- ADDED: New visual styles: Office 2010 menu, Office 2010 border, Office 2010 Extra (what is found in file menu), Outlook 2010, Windows 8 METRO 1 & 2.
- IMPROVED: In Office 2010 DropDown style you can use the ToggleValue to set the button selected (down)
13 Feb
 Version: 1.14 - Minor update
- FIXED: When use ampersand shortcut '&', the button wasn't well redraw in some case
20 Nov
 Version: 1.13 - Minor update
- ADDED: a new strong name for the assembly.
18 Sep
 Version: 1.12 - Minor update
- FIXED: A minor problem from last update 1.11 with multiline text and alignment.
10 Sep
 Version: 1.11 - Minor update
- [IMPROVED] Office 2007 and Vista Sunrise style improved when no border is not active
- [FIXED] a licensing problem under Windows 7 64bits
- [FIXED] When used with Crystal Report the label text in report was not displayed as expected due to conflict with MyCommandButton.NET
03 Sep
 Version: 1.10 - Minor update
- Support Windows 64bits - [ADDED] Sound properties: enable to play sound system or audio file on events like clik, mouse over, focus
09 Jun
 Version: 1.00 - New release
- Official release of the component.
23 Mar