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This page tells you whether you have the latest version for your software.

ActiveX My Frame Panel - Version

Current version is: 2.01

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 2.01 - Minor update
My Frame Panel ActiveX has now a certificate (digital signature) for more security.
04 Sep
 Version: 2.01 - Minor update
- FIXED: Memory problem
11 Oct
 Version: 2.00 - Major update
- ADDED: Now rounded corners are really transparent, you can display picture in your background form
- ADDED: Windows Vista frame appearance (Longhorn frame is always available)
- ADDED: XP 3D frame appearance
- ADDED: Royal Theme is now available
- ADDED: Support Unicode text on NT/2000/XP and higher
- ADDED: When no themes are availables , you can now choose a default one between all standard themes and an appearance XP 3D
29 Sep
 Version: 1.02 - Minor update
- FIXED: On some computers, some contained controls were not redraw correctly.
13 Apr
 Version: 1.01 - Minor update
[FIXED]: When you disable the frame, all controls inside were disable but the property Enabled wasn't set to false.
12 Oct
 Version: 1.00 - Major update
Official release.
30 Sep
 Version: 0.99 - New release
BETA release
21 Sep