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ActiveX My Screen Capture - Version

Current version is: 1.32

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 1.32 - Minor update
- [FIXED]: Minor update when capture with method RegionManual, capture is a little different to avoid to receive blank capture when use with some slow software.
04 Sep
 Version: 1.31 - Minor update
- FIXED: If RegionManual method was used, the file was created and copied to clipboard even when user press ESC
12 Mar
 Version: 1.30 - Major update
- ADDED: Possibility to capture on multiple monitor.
05 Sep
 Version: 1.20 - Minor update
My Screen Capture ActiveX has now a certificate (digital signature) for more security.
04 Sep
 Version: 1.20 - Major update
- ADDED: Possibility to add a capture region (new property UseRegion) with capture methods 'CaptureActiveWindows' and 'CaptureSpecificWindows'.
04 May
 Version: 1.10 - Major update
- IMPROVED: Can now capture the layered windows (like a transparent window).
08 Apr
 Version: 1.01 - Minor update
- FIXED: bug when using methods CaptureActiveWindows now resolved.
18 Nov
 Version: 1.00 - New release
Official release
23 Sep