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This page tells you whether you have the latest version for your software.

My WinPopup Express - Version

Current version is: 2009.03

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 2009.03 - Minor update
- Fixed: minor problem under Windows 7 64bits when application starts.
10 May
 Version: 2009.02 - Minor update
- Fixed: a minor problem when application start on some computer.
05 Feb
 Version: 2009.01 - Minor update
- Fixed: problem with licensing under Vista and Windows 7 in some cases.
08 Dec
 Version: 2009 - New release
- Added: Hotkey (keyboard shortcut) to open WinPopup from anywhere in Windows.
- Added: Auto forward function, when you move from your computer to another, the messages are forwarded automatically.
- Added: Search function in the history, just enter a keyword to display all messages result.
- Added: Hyperlink for file in received message.
- Added: Possibility to cancel the message box confirmation when you receive a lot of confirmation.
- Added: The type of message in history, now a text "received" or "sent" with color to identify message type is displayed.
- Added: An automatic function to purge large messages history (with user confirmation).
- Added: Option to not clear the "Send To" data after sending a message, like this you keep your previous recipient each time you want to send a message.
- Added: When new messages are received the tray icon is animated, visual effect with no intrusive message.
- Added: Option to display popup notification (MSN style) when a message is received until you click it.
- and more improvements...
05 Dec
 Version: 2005.20 - Minor update
- ADDED: When writing a message, now it shows the remaining number of characters.
- IMPROV: Windows Firewall detection on Vista
- IMPROV: Setup ready for Windows Vista
19 Jan
 Version: 2005.10 - Major update
- ADDED: Automatic live update, get always the latest version on your computer (live update can be configured in the Options/Admin).
18 Apr
 Version: 2005.03 - Minor update
- FIXED: When starting application, a message was displayed to inform some files was missing.
11 Mar
 Version: 2005.02 - Minor update
- FIXED: message confirmation (when 2 same messages was sent, confirmation wasn't given for second message).
- FIXED: On some computers, some buttons(like Send) did not appear.
- FIXED: Tabulation order in the Send windows.
- FIXED: On email or web link in message, left or right mouse click generated the link. Now only the left click.
- FIXED: problem of underline link for all message content.
03 Mar
 Version: 2005.01 - Minor update
- FIXED: problem when sending to multi contacts at the same time with special settings.
- FIXED: Export in XML format, some characters wasn't in good format.
- FIXED: Menu 'Send To' 'Group' wasn't displayed in a right form.
11 Feb
 Version: 2005 - New release
- Beta release
20 Dec