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  • Receive emails & attachmentsDIRECTLY TO YOUR PRINTERS
  • emails & attachments saved on disk automatically with options like converting in PDF, EML, Msg
  • Reply automaticallydelete on server, execute process, ...
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.NET components for WinForm's developers, let starts to improve your applications with these components:
- My Command Button .NET »
- My Frame Panel .NET »
- My Screen Capture .NET »
Let starts to improve your applications with these visual components:
- My Command Button »
- My Frame Panel »
- My Screen Capture »
- My WinPopup ActiveX »

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June. 6th: Version 6.32 available for Automatic Email Manager, minor improvements >>.

May. 29th: Important fix in old version 5 to avoid automatic Office macro execution in some cases, please update to version 5.19 for all old customers, contact us to get the download link.

Apr. 3rd: Version 6.30 Automatic Email Manager, minor improvements >>.

Mar. 8th: Automatic Email Manager 6.29 available, 
minor update >>.

Nov. 1st: Exchange Shared mailbox is now supported in version 6.25 for Automatic Email Manager, get it here >>.

June 10th: A new tutorial to show how to save email body and attachment in a single PDF file automatically >>

April. 11th: See how to receive your emails and attachments automatically to your Evernote with this tutorial here >>

NOTE: All our ActiveX and .NET components are no more supported, you can purchase it without any support.

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Thanks a lot for your fast and efficient support. For developer it is good to know he wouldn't be left alone after product purchase. I had several component purchases over internet, but never experienced better support response.
Zoran Grujic - PianoSoft-europe - USA (ActiveX My Command Button)
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