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My WinPopup Express

This product is DISCONTINUED
WinPopup Express main ui

WinPopup Express let you write and exchange messages within your local network. Secure (not connected to the internet), reliable and easily accessible, this software is available for all versions of Windows. WinPopup Express allows you to send and receive short messages instantaneously to and from all other users of your network. No knowledge of computers is necessary to install and use this software. Thanks to its standardized interface, its set-up is immediate and doesn't require any server or hardware configuration.

VERSION: 2009.03

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No server setup - Works on all network - Easy and fast install - Extra feature for developer.

Send, receive, and organize your instant messages

Include a version for the reception and review of messages only, ideal for admin who wants to send message to user only.

View all received messages

Messages history

Easy to install

- no server or hardware configuration required.
- Auto forward function.
- Auto answer function.

Address book

- Option to share your address book with all local users on your network to get always an updated contact list.
- Create distribution lists with your contacts.
- Create private user groups (each group has its own channel).

Address book

Easy to setup

Easy to use

- For developers and administrators, send messages directly from your application via to the DDE control.
- 100% use of the keyboard, mouse, or touch screen.
- Compatible with Microsoft WinPopup (Windows 95 and 98), NetSend and with Linux Samba.
- Run on Windows 98 / ME / NT / XP / XP SP3 / 2003 / Vista / Seven / 8
- and much more, try it now

Customers are speaking...

Merci et Bravo pour la réactivité à toute votre équipe. Très cordialement.
Dr. C. Molé - France
Thanks...this is working great for us!
Chris - Canada
I have to mention a very good support to your custummers I appreciate the follow up. Thanks again.
Dr Allyson - Canada
We love it, it does what it need to do.
M. Doloway - Melbourne
We use it on 150 computers and everybody love it. We would like to thank the support team which is great.
Alban - USA


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