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How to purchase:
First select the desired license you want, then click on "Order" and follow the on-screen instructions.
After your order has been processed, a link will be emailed to you from which you can download your registered license. This link can take up to 24 hours to reach you.

Do you need a W-9 form? click here for US resident and here for Non Us.
Our products are sold by ShareIT which is one of the world leading company for e-commerce.
Payments accepted are:
All payments accepted
Bank transfer, fax, email,...

Any questions about the ordering process ? Click here for our FAQs about ordering »

.NET components

Electronic delivery only (no package is shipped)
All our controls are royalty-free. Each license is valid for one developer only.
Please contact us for prices in the event you wish to purchase four or more licenses .
These products (ActiveX and .NET components) are intended only to Developers and Programers. It doesn't fit the end user needs.

Add Aqua buttons to your .NET program

.NET My Command Button

» Source code available for $299, contact us to get order link.
Improve your visual .NET application

.NET My Frame Panel

» Source code available for $299, contact us to get order link.
Add screenshot capabilities to your .NET application

.NET My Screen Capture

» Source code available for $199, contact us to get order link.